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Mystery Creek Ceramics

Yellow / Pink Sprinkle Ceramic Tumbler

Yellow / Pink Sprinkle Ceramic Tumbler

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These beautiful ceramic tumblers are proudly created in the Mystery Creek Ceramics studio using traditional methods and innovative processes.

The sprinkled slip-cast range emerged from environmentally-friendly studio practices. The exterior grog decoration is fine clay particles from recycled broken Nerikomi ware. Adding the subtle coloured sprinkle texture elevates this delicate slip-cast flatware to a contemporary utilitarian piece of art to enjoy.

Holding the minimal slenderness of a sprinkle tumbler evokes a moment of joy - ‘lightness of being’.

Approximately 11.5cm tall & 6.5cm wide. 

Each piece can be different, even when made from the same block, and the happy accidents sometimes create the most beautiful pieces. The nature of the process does mean that product sizes will vary slightly.

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