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Creative Consults

Book a one-on-one session with Helen to chat about your creative ideas and (in)decisions!

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Helen Riley-Duddin is an independent designer, curator and creative director with her own brand Tinch Design Studio since 2009 and Inc Design Store since 2019. Previously lecturing at Otago Polytechnic Design School and later a co-founder and curator of a collective design store in Dunedin; her 14 year career of collaborating, supporting, mentoring, educating, promoting, curating and showcasing NZ designers and creatives has culminated in a wealth of experience and knowledge of the intersection of creativity and small business.

She knows the real-life hustle of independent work, parenthood, and the elusive creative sweet spot. Sometimes you need backup; to bounce ideas around, an objective critique, some guidance to make creative progress....

Creative consults can be about:

  • Feedback on your own creative efforts - product development and refinement
  • Branding feedback and guidance
  • Retail and wholesale pricing for creative work
  • Image styling, photography
  • Creative content and copy text for story telling
  • Spatial styling of home and work spaces, artwork installation
  • Group discussion sessions
  • General 'brain picking' about any creative project

Helen will listen, chat, laugh, cry, and connect with you to understand your creative situation. Sometimes you need connecting with other professionals and solutions to see you on your way, sometimes you need honest critique. It may be a one-off chat you need to feel confident about something you can't decide about, or it may be a longer-term relationship to refine a project through it's development. It's the thinking and concept behind any creative project or challenge she specialises in. 

Creative consults can happen in person over a coffee at a local cafe, from Helen's studio, or at your local studio.  Or we can chat over phone or zoom call. Pre-pay your initial session and Helen will be in touch to arrange a time! 

Helen is based in Oamaru - Waitaki.