A concept store that began inside a house: to showcase the things we love; supporting the creatives we know, in the very space that we use them ourselves.

Helen Riley-Duddin is a creative director, curator and independent designer, with her own creative brand Tinch Design Studio since 2009. A career of collaborating, supporting, mentoring, educating, promoting, curating and showcasing emerging NZ designers and creatives has evolved naturally into this concept store.

Helen works closely with the designers to curate special collections for the store, many of which are exclusive.

Everything at Inc began with a concept, and that is what Helen looks for, along with quality, skill and entrepreneurship when selecting what to showcase. There is a real, independent creative person behind each product, most of whom are NZ based and create their own ranges from start to finish; so, every piece has a story.

Even the space itself has a story, when you pop in she'll tell it all!


includes curated works from independent creatives

incubates new ideas, collaborations, inspiration

increases awareness and sales for independent designers

incoming rotation of new works regularly

inclosed within an incredible space, which also has a story

incorporates all aspects of creativity

suggestive of 'think' and 'ink'; fundamental elements of design

the middle 3 letters of Tinch! An evolution of Tinch Design Studio, the store is the core of what we love...