Triple 'Dodici' Pendant Light + Ceiling Rose

Triple 'Dodici' Pendant Light + Ceiling Rose

Matthew Hall Glass
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It is a huge privilege to showcase these beautiful NZ made pendant lights in our store.

In collaboration with Matthew Hall Glass, they offer the perfect, ambient, and distinctly unique lighting experience we wanted to give visitors to our store space. 

Equal parts art and lighting; each Handblown glass globe is a sculpture to admire from daylight through to evening, bulb on or off. 

'Dodici' means twelve in Italian; these beautiful handblown glass globe lights by Matthew Hall have twelve subtle points, which, in the right ambient lighting, can cast stubtle shadows onto the wall. 

The very globes displayed in store are available to purchase: being Handblown glass there are subtle variations between each piece. You're also welcome to discuss your preferences for a light or set of lights to be made to order.

Each triple pendant includes :

  • 3x Handblown glass globes, approx 28cm diameter  
  • 1x triple Brass hardware, including ceiling rose, handspun in NZ
  • 3x 3m black flex cord (your electrician will install to the length you desire, appropriate for your space).
  • 3x lightbulbs

Do note these pendants can also come as single pendants with single ceiling rose.

Please contact us to discuss these beautiful lights, there's nothing like seeing them in the flesh, day or night.

See the many other Handblown glassware by Matthew Hall in store to get a feel for other colours that may be possible - it's very special service to offer these bespoke lights through our store.