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Liz McAuliffe, Artist

Tiny Gum Leaf (22015)

Tiny Gum Leaf (22015)

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Gum leaves have such fabulous shapes and colours, this group of artworks is an experimentation of these things.

Form, surface and shadow are an integral part of Liz McAuliffe's artworks. The leaves sit closely at the intersection between 2D and 3D, being cut canvas they are flat .. then with hanging points to hold them out from the wall, this gives movement and shadow, reminiscent of the dappled forest.

Approx length varies 22-28cm

Price is per leaf.

Materials : Acrylics on cut and sewn canvas with wire inserts.
Hanging : Ready to hang, on small cup hooks (hanging info sheet and hooks provided).

Scale is everything! If you love these but want to see them bigger, there are larger options. 


I have long coveted these huge original canvas sculptures by NZ artist, Liz McAuliffe for our home, and to now be showcasing them to you, is truly such a privilege. 
Everyone is mesmerised by them.

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