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Heart Magnets

Heart Magnets

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A small pack with an assortment of 3-4 heart magnets in coordinated colours or patterns.

These are chic as fridge art and also functional; each heart is strong enough to hold onto a photo, reminder, card (or other typical fridge notices!) on any magnetic surface.

All of the materials are upcycled; they're made from a variety of hand-picked fabric offcuts. The magnets have an amazing tactile and textured quality which is as much as a visual treat as it is to touch.

They're super slim and postage friendly, they post in an envelope for the price of posting a letter, ideal for accompanying a gift card or letter. Light and flat as anything, these make the perfect 'something extra' to send overseas as gifts, or to chuck in your luggage when you next visit the rellies with no worry of weight or fragility.

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