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Restickable Floral installation

Restickable Floral installation

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New design for summer 2020 by Tinch!

Inspired by the summer garden in full bloom; texture, colour, layers, light and shade, positive and negative space.


With this set, you are very much the artist; you can install it however you like! Be creative, using the pieces to form a large shape like our cirucular installation, or space them out over a whole wall like a sort of a wallpaper, or seperate them between rooms as use them as a detail on doors or windows perhaps. They're restickable so you can change your installations.


This is a print reproduction of original handmade fabric pieces; handcut from jewel-coloured textiles.


The set is designed and prouduced as a large set filled with all the seperate pieces to peel and stick.


These are made to order, not Always kept in stock - please check if you need it to arrive by a certain date.

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