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Restickable Times-table Wall Dots

Restickable Times-table Wall Dots

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Times tables for the wall that look nice!

Each dot displays one of the 1-12 times tables. From a distance, these are cheerful, colourful restickable wall dots in a colourful, subdued, contemporary and gender neutral palette. But as you get up close you realise just how wonderfully practical they are! Help your kids learn their times tables, 'til they're spot on!

Because each dot is restickable, there's flexibility for where you put them. Install them as a group of 12 for best display on the wall, or spread them around the home based on the children's needs. For maximum impact, move them around regularly because that's when kids really notice them! We keep some in the kitchen, some in the bathroom and some in the kids' art room. Some customers like to put them in the toilet room! They could also be useful on a laptop or tablet, or on the front of pre-covered school books even. Of course, if you move house, they can come with you. They're ideal for renters, they won't damage walls when you peel them off, they'll restick every time.

Choose your size:

  • 11.5cm: standard size
  • 15cm: a bit larger, easier to read from a distance, and more of a wall statement if you have a wall for all 12!

These come packaged in a gift box. Even the label is restickable! You could put it on the front of their maths book as a handy reference...

If you'd like an even larger set, please contact for availability, these are made to order. Please note the pictured set on our kitchen wall features 22cm dots.

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