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Rimu Classic Vase - Natural

Rimu Classic Vase - Natural

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Lovingly crafted from fully recycled New Zealand native Rimu timber, this vase shows timeless beauty. Featuring as a standalone object or as part of a dinner table setting, it will grab your guest’s attention.

The shape and weight are designed to allow the vase gently swaying in the breeze - a joy to watch! The warm Rimu wood nicely complements your favourite flowers and grasses, while a glass insert protects the Rimu and keeps your flowers fresh.

Unique Rimu wood appearances range from fairly smooth grain to more vivid characters. Some vases will be plain - others show traces of their past life, with old nail holes or knots. Whichever vase you will be getting: It will be beautiful and uniquely yours!

  • Body Height: 160 mm (approximately)
  • Diameter: 80 mm (approximately)
  • Rimu Timber: Various, unique wood appearances, randomly selected.
  • Includes 2 glass inserts
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