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Plug-In Starburst Lights

Plug-In Starburst Lights

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These are an *absolute favourite* in our house!

In fact, ours have been on and twinkling for a whole year now! 

Visitors have asked us so often where to get them so now you can get them right here! We are huge fans of twinkly lights, they add the most beautiful atmosphere to your space - and not just for the Christmas season.

A striking lighting effect, very popular in window displays, above trees and tables, and in the room corners.

The Starburst comes in a compact kraft box, with mains adapter. 
To display or use, simply take the unit out of the box, hold the case/adapter firmly, and straighten out each strand.
The quickest way to get it all splayed evenly is to work with one strand at a time, twisting the LEDs one a a time.
Start with the LED closest to the centre and work your way out to the ends. Keep hold of the centre case or adapter the whole time. 

MAINS POWER (not batteries!)

  • SAA Adapter with 5m lead - perfect for high ceilings and dramatic displays!
  • 40 strands with three warm LED seed lights:
    • Small: 16-19cm approx, so diameter 32-38cm approx
    • Large: 25cm approx, so diameter 50cm approx
  • Recomended for indooor use only
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