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Handblown Glass Tumbler - Sorbet

Handblown Glass Tumbler - Sorbet

Grinter Glass
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Not your ordinary tumbler. Equal parts art, functional, and you could almost say lighting too the way the sunlight makes patterns with these. A G&T served in one of these is a whole new experience!!

This is a spectacular example of contemporary handblown glass work. Solid, hefty, most remarkable, with detailed shards of coloured glass echoing its once-fluid movement through the process of its creation.

These fine pieces are each one of a kind, bumps, wobbles and all, no two are identical.

  • Height: varies 10.5 - 11.5cm
  • Diameter: varies 7-8 cm

No two vessels are ever the same, or even similar.

The pictures are just examples, they vary widely!

Some are tall

Some are shorter and wider

Some have textured bumps and beautiful air bubbles

Each is a work of art and please expect it to look similar but slightly different to the examples pictured.