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Diffuser Reeds - Bundle Of 10 - Natural

Diffuser Reeds - Bundle Of 10 - Natural

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Bundle of 10 NATURAL reeds to use with your home fragrance oil scent.

Approx length: 25cm. 

    To delicately fragrance your space, use these reeds with your choice of scented oil. 

    • Reed diffusers are suited to fill small to large spaces with delicate, long-lasted scent.
    • As a rule of thumb, the smaller the room, the less reeds are required.
    • Turn the reeds weekly for a new fragrance boost.
    • Safety warning: Never light the reeds, flammable oil.

    The concept for this range is to not offer a heavily branded, nor packaged bundle, and it's all about you being the stylist for your home by way of scent and display.  This pick & mix range is exclusively available through Inc Store

    You can buy all or any of the 3 components at any time; Scent, Vessel and / or reeds.

    Purchase your choice of oil fragrance, and diffuser vase seperately: view the full range here

    We recommend you purchase a new reed set whenever you change fragrances so as to ensure the integrity of your beauitful fragrance. Reeds will also deteriorate over time and not work as efficiently.


    Scent is often the first thing you'll notice stepping inside a space.

    Choosing a home fragrance is an intimately personal choice - much like choosing art and homeware.

    Choosing scent is also a profoundly complex act of memory-making. There is nothing like a scent to spark a memory; and there is no place like your home. 

    Inc Store is proud to offer this range of home fragrance scents and display options to choose from!

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