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Luke Jacomb Studio

Yellowhead / Mōhua - Semillion

Yellowhead / Mōhua - Semillion

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Cast glass wall scultpure by prominent NZ glass artist, Luke Jacomb of Lukeke Design. These timeless artworks display mesmerising shadows, catch the light beautifully, and form enchanting wall installations in groups, as well as individually. Every angle you see these from reveals breathtaking detail, highly collectable! 

The Yellowhead is a small bird that early settlers called the ‘bush canary’ because of its colour and loud, melodious song. Today it often goes by its Māori name Mōhua. 

Once abundant in nature, its beautiful song used to boom through New Zealand's native forests. Unfortunately, deforestation and the introduction of predators has meant these beautiful birds are now only found in a few isolated beech forests.

  • Dimensions (approx.): L/ 15cm W/ 17cm D/ 9cm 
  • Cast glass with set screw fitting. Can be mounted on any type of wall.
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