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Inge Flinte

"Viridescent" Original Painting by Inge Flinte - 41cm x 51cm

"Viridescent" Original Painting by Inge Flinte - 41cm x 51cm

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Original abstract painting by NZ artist, Inge Flinte.

About the piece - one of a handful of related "forestscape" pieces - Inge says: "I fell in love with the idea of the Japanese idea of 'shinrinyoku' or forest bathing (where people go and lie and the forest, it's said to elevate your mood because of the hormones released by the trees and the fungus etc.) and trying to displace that into a painted format in order to try to capture that feeling of tranquility that I have when I myself enter into the forest. These works also have a huge nod to the NZ native bush. It's truly one of my happy places and I'm continually fascinated with how all greens go together!"

  • Acrylic & oil pastel on canvas
  • Float framed in birch
  • 41cm tall x 51cm wide x 3.8cm deep
  • signed and dated on the reverse by the artist

Inc Store is the sole NZ gallery for Inge Flinte.

Commissions are welcome , please contact to discuss your space and requirements.

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