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Studio Soph

Pink Cheetah Vase by Studio Soph

Pink Cheetah Vase by Studio Soph

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This exquisite ceramic vase is a true work of art, and a true investment. 
Handmade pottery, individually handpainted and glazed beautifully by superstar NZ artist, Studio Soph.

The irony of their scowling faces and sideways glares, whilst displaying a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers is infinately comical. You'll never tire of the attitude!

The distinctive illustrated Cheetah has been a long time character of Sophie Holt's, and reappears often in her work. The Cheetah vase is arguably one of her signature pieces.

Fully glazed internally for holding water.

Brand stamped on the base.

Height: approx 24cm


Please note every vase is a unique handmade artwork, there are always subtle variances between each piece.

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