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Jade and Form

Large Cube Ring (RI-CU1)

Large Cube Ring (RI-CU1)

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NZ Marsden jade and sterling silver

This item comes beautifully packaged in a branded giftbox.

Made to order service is available for this artist through Inc Store, please contact us to disccus your requests.



Ana Krakosky is a Ngahere based artist and jeweller who has created a curated selection of exquisite, conceptual, skilled and precious works in Jade and Stirling Silver for Inc Store.

“As a member of Te Atiawa, legend has it that our people are descended from the sky. I try to remember this in my work; to craft great worth, make everything well, see unlimited potential, make good choices, challenge myself, and love what I do. I try to create pieces that speak to others about the beauty in life and the world around us. My work is a reflection of my life in a moment past, a snapshot of the present and/or a snippet of the future. It speaks not only for me, but for all those gone before me, and those who will come after me. I love working with the strength of pounamu and the feel of it between my fingers as I shape and mould it into something someone treasure and value.
Surrounding myself with things that are well designed helps to keep my mind settled and ordered. It gives me pleasure, helps me feel serene, and makes me feel at peace. I hope to bring those sense of calm and peacefulness to those who own or view my work. When someone pauses by a piece of my work and takes a moment to view it, I know I have succeeded.”
Ana is an artist with a background in design and education, interest in architecture and inspired by the natural world around us; movement and form, geometry, proportions and design in the details of nature.
E iti noa ana, nā te aroha
Although it (the gift) be small, it is a gift of love.
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