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Mystery Creek Ceramics

Ceramic Nerikomi Mug - Large - Mint (Mixed)

Ceramic Nerikomi Mug - Large - Mint (Mixed)

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A beautiful Nerikomi mug. Height 9cm (approx)

Nerikomi is a decorative process that involves the stacking and cross-sectional slicing of coloured clay. The process is extensive, as hundreds of individual layers are stacked up to build a block. The patterned block is sliced, rolled, and cut out into a mug or the template of the final form. This is fired at up to 1300 degrees Celsius, and sometimes you may find these pieces are translucent due to the qualities of the porcelain.

Each piece can be different, even when made from the same block, and the happy accidents sometimes create the most beautiful pieces. The nature of the process does mean that product sizes will vary slightly.

All Nerikomi pieces are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

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