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Callum Mitchell Gore

Cast Glass Spaceman - Orange

Cast Glass Spaceman - Orange

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Cast Glass Spaceman artwork.

This is an artwork with a great story. 
Callum, the artist, works in the studio of Simon Lewis Wards, and had this brilliant nostalgic idea to create lasting artworks of an otherwise ephemeral frozen 'Kiwi' drink that was available back in the 70's.  Fans of the era reminisce snapping the plastic tops off to open the sweet drink; in flavours lime, lemonade, orange and raspberry.

Cal scoured landfill sites until he found an original plastic Spaceman drink bottle!!

Using it to create a mould, he has produced these incredible, 3-dimensional self-standing solid glass artworks; all the details are there! The face, the 9oz typographic measurement, even the cute little defined spaceman butt. 

Inc Store is very proud to represent this limited release!

Made to scale of the original drinks, approx 20cm tall. They're each solid, heavy glass!

Best displayed in a spot that allows the glass 'drink' colour to glow in natural daylight, and best viewed from all angles!

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