INC Creative Collabs: special edition collaborative collections

As a concept store, offering opportunities to generate new ideas and collaborations is at the core of everything *INC*....

We know all too well that as an independent designer it can be challenging at times to develop new designs, explore new mediums and grow our own processes, not knowing if there's a market for them.

Once every season Inc store offers a creative prompt or brief to some of our Inc Designers to respond to. Those who choose take part, take time to explore their medium and the brief, and in consultation with Helen, develop and refine a unique item or line of items as part of the collaborative collection.  The collection, when all the items arrive together is conceptually diverse, and like a mini exhibition of extreme creativeness!

These items are exclusive to Inc Store, and because they're so special, are strictly limited edition and highly desirable!

When you purchase something from these collaborative collections, know you are giving validation and upmost kudos to at least two designers, and you are receiving something truly unique and special in return.