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Liz McAuliffe, Artist

Scallop Shell Sculpture (22011)

Scallop Shell Sculpture (22011)

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Larger than life, this artwork is destined for a sweeping, large wall space. The iconic form of the scallop shell is intriguingly life-like at this super sized scale. Looks 3-dimensional, so realistic! Easy to hang and form the piece with its wire inserts to create dramatic depth and shadows. Amazing artwork with bold impact.

The Canvas/Wire series by Liz McAuliffe comes from a desire to push the 2D boundary. These works sit closely at the intersection between 2D and 3D, being cut canvas it is flat .. then with wire and hanging points to hold it out from the wall, giving movement and shadow. Form, surface and shadow are an integral part of Liz McAuliffe artworks.

Approx Size: 78 cm x 63 cm x 8 cm

Materials : Acrylics on cut and sewn canvas with wire inserts.
Hanging : Ready to hang, on flat head nails (hanging info sheet and nails provided).

From the artist:

I make shells as a reference to 'Memory Markers' .. that desire to pick up and collect when out in Nature. Items to remember specific events and feelings.

I have always been intrigued by natural forms and I take delight in replicating and celebrating their unique and individual forms, imbuing them with my own aesthetic. My artworks give a sensual experience as well as a visual one. Careful attention to detail, whether in form, surface or shadow is central to my practice and works. I am attracted to the minutiae found in Nature, especially objects that are often  bypassed or go unnoticed. Working closely from found objects so that when up-scaling these into ‘life-size’, I invite the viewer to re-examine their relationship with Nature. Whether we acknowledge it or not I believe nature influences humans, sometimes in very dramatic ways. We are thus drawn to remembering that we too are nature. My art invites you to consider your perceptions and to examine the original form more closely." - Liz McAuliffe

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