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Liz McAuliffe, Artist

Extra-Large Pair of Matchstick Artworks by Liz McAuliffe (22450)

Extra-Large Pair of Matchstick Artworks by Liz McAuliffe (22450)

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A set of two (very, very large!) carved matchsticks in various states of combustion...


About her Matchstick series, artist Liz McAuliffe writes:

"For these works I bring about a playful manipulation of scale with everyday objects. With the massive upscaling of the ubiquitous matchstick I invite the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship to these objects which are used daily by millions of people”
  • Size: 2.2m long!! x9 x9cm approx 
  • Materials :  Acrylics on carved pine. 
    Wood surface is sealed for protection and wipeable. 
    Silvering of the wood can be a natural progression.
  • Hanging : Ready to hang, on flat head nails. All matchsticks have a keyhole/triangle hanger in the back and are ready to hang, with a single nail/screw.
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