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Pendant Drop Earrings - Carnelain, Red Agate, Garnet & Stirling Silver

Pendant Drop Earrings - Carnelain, Red Agate, Garnet & Stirling Silver

Fruit Bowl Studio
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Exquisite long-length dangly pendant drop earrings. Sparkly, almost juicy facets of crushed semi-precious gemstones, set amongst an organically shaped solid sterling silver base. Length approx 5.5cm from tip of hook.

From the maker of the sensational crush clamshell rings, these pendant earrings are spectacular, colourful statements. They also have a pleasant heft to them because of the significant amount of sterling silver in their setting.

Beautiful gemstones are selected for their colour properties, crushed (!!), and set with resin into solid sterling silver pendant drops.

Handmade by Wanaka contemporary jeweller, Fruitbowl Studio.


There is always a limited supply in stock, and these are absolutely available by custom order through Inc. Please just contact to discuss all the many options!

  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Apatite (bright teal blue)
  • Carnelian (orange)
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Aquamarine (pale blue/green)
  • Peridot (apple green)
  • Lapis (deep dark blue)
  • Yellow serpentine
  • Fluorite (pale mint green)