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"Passing By" - 20 x 25cm

"Passing By" - 20 x 25cm

Inge Flinte
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Original abstract painting by NZ artist, Inge Flinte.

This piece is one of a series of related painting, of which Inge says:

I've been exploring the idea of moving/blurred landscapes - like the ones you see out the car window on a journey. So part of it is playing the idea of moving/travelling and also playing with the notion of making things abstract. At any point if it looks too 'real', I try to add an element either underneath or on top (usually a colour) to make it feel not quite as it should be. The process is quite serendipitous - I try to allow for happy accidents, so I'm using a brayer (a printmakers roller) to put down initial layers that allow for repetition in paint marks and accidental happenings... tapping into a minimalist/abstract landscape vibe. I'm quite interested in playing with bigger versions of this...

  • Acrylic on linen board
  • Float framed in birch
  • 20.3cm tall x 25.4cm wide
  • signed and dated on the reverse by the artist

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