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Fabric Gift Wrap Bento Bag - Dark Chambray

Fabric Gift Wrap Bento Bag - Dark Chambray

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Beautiful textiles and prints, practical and functional too. These fabric bento bags are great to add into a gift bundle, or wrap a gift inside one of these!


Use Moobee bentos as produce bags for your fruit and vege, bread bags, snack/lunch bags or as an reuseable and tactile alternative, to gift wrap ( the coolest!!)


"Bento" (meaning a Japanese style packed lunch) bags are Japanese in origin and are still in common use today. The unique origami bag is made from a singular piece of fabric and can be tied to close at the top creating a little carry handle at the same time.



Available in 5 sizes: 

X-small  - just right for a soap and a bookmark, or 2 soaps.

Small - just right for a small plant, or ceramic cup

Medium - just right for 2 cups, a selection of gifts or baking

Large - just right to gift a bottle of wine, or wrap a fresh loaf of bread!

Picnic - just right for the whole picnic!


- Light weight

- Cool machine or hand wash

- All bags are pre-washed


Moobee BENTO bags are made from natural materials.

Generally a Linen/Cotton weave and can be machine or hand washed in cool water.