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Matchsticks - Teeny Triptych (22110)

Matchsticks - Teeny Triptych (22110)

Liz McAuliffe, Artist
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A set of three carved matchsticks in - various states of combustion...

About her Matchstick series, artist Liz McAuliffe writes:

"With the massive upscaling of the ubiquitous matchstick I invite the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship to these objects which are used daily by millions of people. I toy with the venerated practice of including a matchbox in photographs to give the viewer a safe and recognisable base-point for scale within an image. With no other object to compare with, this work undermines that safety."

  • Height: 27cm individually
  • Materials : Acrylics on carved wood
  • Hanging : Ready to hang, on flat head nails (nails provided)