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Phoebe Gander

"Dappled Stillness" by Phoebe Gander

"Dappled Stillness" by Phoebe Gander

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"Dappled Stillness" by New Zealand artist Phoebe Gander, one of a collaborative series of works inspired by limited edition items at Inc Design Store.

We love Phoebe's still life work, and it's always sad when pieces that are made especially for us sell out. This collaboration is an act of artistic "inception" - an artwork inside an artwork - forever immortalizing special edition works from Inc Design Store through Phoebe's distinctive lens.

From the artist...

Inspiration was from the products featured that Inc Design Store sells! But ultimately I’m drawn to painting images that depict nostalgia and light... Nostalgia, solitude, vulnerability, texture and light are the themes that reoccur in my art. Whether it’s a landscape, abstract or still life these elements and feelings are nearly always involved. In particular, the evocative effects of natural light is a thread that runs throughout. My aim is to convey my own personal experience of the world - and my love of light - via my artwork, and in turn provoke a response within the viewer.”

- Phoebe Gander

Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20". Framed in oiled pine.

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